Friday, 8 May 2015

Things To Lookout For Before You Take Possession Of Your New Home

You have invested significant time in looking for the right house, negotiation with the Builders in Lucknow and finally closing in on a deal for your dream home. However, have you taken out the time to look into all the elements that help define the right property for you? Here are a few things you want to look out for before you take possession of your latest purchase –
      The Legal Documents
A sale is not considered to be a complete one if all the legal documents are not in place. Make sure that all the documents in question are signed and in place. Some of these include;
  •   The sale deed
  •   The share certificate
  •   Society documents
  •   Encumbrance certificate
  •   Sanction plans
Also make it a point to get the property registered in your name with the relevant local authorities. The seller will need to attest that the ownership of the property in question is now being transferred to you. 

·     Assess the Walls
Walls are without doubt the most important architectural feature in any property. Before you move into your new home or take possession of the property, make sure you look out for any damp patches, peeling paint, cracks, leakages, chipper walls or other forms of damages. If you are buying a new home, the Builders in Lucknow make sure your home does not have any such damages at the time of ownership transfer. 

·     Take a Look at the Fittings, Fixtures and Flooring
Make sure you also survey all the taps, bathroom fittings and faucets around the property before you take possession. Make sure that they work fine and meet all the specifications that you were promised. Also look out for any possible leakages in the bathroom as well as the kitchen area. You can test your granite platforms by pouring a bucket of water and looking for any leakages under it. Look at the flooring for any holes, cracks or damage. 

·     Assess the Electrical Points
Make sure that the wiring of your new home is without any faults. Make sure that all the plugs and sockets are connected to the main supply and that they are in working condition. Also, test whether the supply automatically moves to the inverter as soon as the main switch is turned off.
In addition to this, you also want to make sure the doors and windows work well, the piped gas connection is secure, and all the other amenities promised to you are as expected.

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